Something Wicked This Way Comes

Our First Adventure
The Kor of Hightower

The four heroes started out alone on a rainy afternoon. Suddenly, the skies opened up and a storm of the century was unleashed. The heroes quickly found shelter in the hollowed out, ancient tomb of Hightower. They entered the main room and quickly got their bearings. McConnel lit a torch and Draythe introduced himself to the group, telling the most of the four about how he came to be there. Soon thereafter, the group was attacked by a swarm of eight large rats bursting from a door as all three were shattered by the shaking of the skies. The rats were ferocious, but our heroes prevailed and began inspecting their temporary domain. They started by checking the door to their left and discovered an empty room with a large statue in the center of the far wall. Immediately, a hideous vargouille attacked and paralyzed our heroes with fear. Before they could recover, Draythe was bitten viciously in the neck. That, however, did not faze him as he attacked and killed the vargouille with a single blow. The group inspected the statue and discovered that the vargouille had nested in the head of the statue and that there was a unique treasure under the now useless nest. Kell attempted to climb the statue and struggled to reach. He was given a boost by climbing on the shoulders of Ulfgar and claimed his prize, a ring of unknown power.

The group continued on and entered the central hallway directly in front of where they first entered the ancient tomb. They moved forward and entered a room with a number of tables and a drain. There was a strange dripping, which their eyes followed to a rope in the center of the room and further up to a hole at the top of the tor. They had little time to test its strength before being attacked by two hobgoblins. The hobgoblins charged, but both groups were startled at the encounter. The heroes, having now gotten their first taste of blood, quickly dispatched the foul beasts. After looting the still warm bodies, the group decided to test the rope. Kell, being the rogue, attempted the climb, but was unable to reach the top after the exhausting battles. Ulfgar, half jokingly offered to try and amazingly succeeded. He reached the top and discovered that it was a hobgoblin camp that must have been where the hobgoblins descended from.

The group decided to check down a hall to the right and discovered enough to make them wary. They moved back to the hall entrance and decided to check the room in front of them. Ulfgar rushed in and was stunned to find the body of a dead bugbear. Even more stunning was what happened next. The seemingly dead bugbear moved! He rolled off his slab and hurled a javelin at the fighter before he could react. Luckily it clanged and broke against the wall. The other heroes heard the fighting and came to the dwarf’s aid. An epic battle ensued. The group seemed to have the fight in hand, when Ulfgar suddenly made a surprise move and retreated to the far corner of the room. No one could challenge his honor or blame him for desiring a short reprieve. He had taken the brunt of every battle to this point. However, the decision was a fateful one and his new friends were unprepared to face the full wrath of a hulking bugbear zombie. The foe swung wildly with his Morningstar. Every attempt, bringing with it the threat of death. Much blood was shed in the scrum before order was restored and our dwarven hero brought his tower shield to bear and returned to the fray. In the mad rush to bring down the evildoer, McConnel took careful aim and let loose an arrow which found its home in flesh, living flesh. He had mistakenly shot his partner Draythe. Following the error, Draythe took a fateful hit from the undead berserker and dropped to the ground. McConnel had been heroically healing the party and was barely able to preserve the dying Draythe. The three standing heroes, perhaps with a renewed sense that this could be their final battle, fought on. Blow after blow landed on the rotting flesh of the bugbear, yet it still stood. Finally, the beast fell. They rested to let Draythe recover and discovered a magic weapon on the zombies remains. Ulfgar had brought a chest along on his adventure and they added this treasure to it.

After having sufficient time to heal Draythe and recover from the harrowing battle, the heroes moved on. They continued back to the hallway they had abandoned earlier. Two of the heroes found themselves unable to move and discovered they were stuck in a web. A monstrous spider had attacked them and they once again drew their weapons. The beast was no match for their combined might. Beyond the spider’s web was a small room with a number of human husks which had been previous meals of the eight-legged fiend. More treasure was added to the chest and the group decided to check on one more room before they left for the nearest town.

They entered the room to the right of where they had first entered the tor and found nothing but a small chest in the center of the room. Kell correctly suspected a trap and gingerly made his way to the chest to disarm it. Traditionally Halflings are lucky, but this day, luck was nowhere to be found and Kell triggered the trap. A number of arrows shot out and caused some harm, yet after what our heroes had faced this day, a small trap would not defeat them.

Five items of note were taken from the tomb: the magic weapon, a belt, a ring, a studded headband, and a pearl of power. A loremaster in the nearest town was able to decipher the true nature of these items. The ring was a translators ring and allowed it’s wearer to learn two new languages. Fittingly, Kell kept the ring. The pearl of power allowed it’s wearer to cast another lesser spell each day. That went to the holy cleric. The studded headband was revealed to improve the will of its wearer and the belt was seen to be a lifting belt and helped its wearer carry even heavier loads. Both of these items went to the dwarf. The magic weapon was found to be a longsword that improved both the attack and damage of its owner. Draythe thanked the gods to be alive and kept the mighty blade. The heroes thanked the loremaster and made their way into the town, hoping to find some much needed rest after the ordeal. Complete strangers, having been brought together by an otherworldly storm and causing cries of ‘storm peace’ to be uttered across the land. Where will fate take them next?

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